Componets of TIF Grant

The TIF grant has provided our district with federal resources to build systems and supports that help educators succeed in delivering high quality instruction to our students. Using these resources, a eleven-member steering committee that is comprised of teachers and administrators is working to develop an integrated performance system with the following key components:

Performance Management and Career Growth
•    Definition of what it means to be an effective educator.
•    Rigorous, transparent and fair teacher and principal evaluation programs using observation-based assessments, peer review, and student achievement data.
•    Opportunities for teachers to take on leadership roles without having to leave the classroom.

Professional Development

•    Instructionally focused professional development for teachers.
•    Leadership focused professional development for principals.
•    Enhanced mentoring and induction program for all beginning teachers (3 years) with a focus on effective instruction and student learning and growth.

Recognition and Reward
•    Opportunity for performance based incentives tied to effective instructional and leadership practice and student success.