Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) Overview

Research affirms what educators already know—highly effective teachers and strong school leadership are the two most important school-level factors for increasing student learning and achievement (Sanders & Rivers; Waters, Marzano, & McNulty). That is why districts must do everything possible to recruit, develop, recognize and retain the best educators.

Many schools across Maine including all schools in MSAD 24 are embarking on a wide-ranging initiative over
the next few years. This initiative connects rigorous professional development for teachers and principals,
constructive evaluation systems designed to help them improve their craft, and performance pay tied to effective
practice and student success.

The Maine Schools for Excellence (MSFE) initiative is funded by a five-year Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF)
grant that began in 2010 from the U.S. Department of Education. The participating Maine schools are working
closely with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the Arlington, Virginia-based non-profit
organization coordinating the grant award.